We have recently published a similar article to add an avatar besides site title in Genesis child theme, please do not get confused between an avatar and an image. This article is to add an image beside site title for Genesis child themes.

Add An Image Beside Site Title In Genesis

Similar to the other article this article will help you to add an image as well as some customization so that you can show the image as per your requirements.

  • Use either external or internal image URL
  • customize the style and position of the image

Let’s cut to the chase and start coding, shall we? Please paste below code to your functions.php file to add an image beside site title.

Please debug and make sure that you are targeting the correct image for your current theme setup or else it will show different or broken image URL in your site. Also, use CSS like below to customize the style and position as per your requirements and also apply some media queries for responsiveness.

You can either use float:left or float:right to show the image on left or right side of the site title respectively with the above CSS.

Please let us know your designs, opinions or queries if you have any about the process in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you.