Did you ever think to add an avatar beside site title for any Genesis child theme? If yes then you have come to the right article to learn how to do it easily.

Add An Avatar Beside Site Title In Genesis

This article will teach you to add an avatar beside your site’s title with a few more things like below:

  • Size of the avatar
  • The styling of the avatar
  • Which avatar will be displayed
  • Location of the avatar

Please paste this code snippet in the function.php file to add an avatar besides the site title. Please replace [email protected] with a correct email to get the avatar.

Please note that we have used only first and second parameter to get the avatar which will be displayed beside the site title. The first parameter is to determine which avatar to show and the second is its size when it will be rendered.

If you don’t like the default styling then you can definitely¬†update it with something like below.

You can also adjust the position of the avatar either on the left or right side of the site title by using either float:right or float:left in your CSS.

Everybody has their own way to style things that they like so please add extra CSS as per your requirements also with some Media queries you can make it looks good on different screen sizes.

Please share your opinion or style that you used with us in the comment section below which might be helpful to others who visit this article after you also if you need any help then please mentioned that in the comment section below.