You have a datasheet having values in a single column that you want to separate or split the values into multiple columns for to use the data. This articles will guide you about how you can split cell value into multiple cells in Excel.

values of single column splitted into multiple columns

By following the steps listed in this article, you could easily split cell value into multiple cells by just a few clicks. This article can help you only if all of the cells that you want to split have data separated using the same delimiter i.e using the same character like space, special characters (>, <, -, comma), etc. So, Let’s get started but, first select all the cells or column that you want to split.

select target column in excel

Step 1: Go to Data in the menu then Text to Columns, the pop-up wizard will help you through the process.

Text to columns option in excel

Step 2: In the wizard first select Delimited and click Next button.

Text to column wizard in Excel

Step 3: Select appropriate Delimiter type like a comma, tab or insert if the special character by which your text is split, click Next button.

Delimeter type in Text to column wizard in Excel

Step 4: In the next page select type of Data format for new columns, you can see the preview in Data Preview window.

Delimeter type in Text to column wizard in Excel

Step 5: Press button beside the input box of Destination label, it will collapse the wizard to let you select the columns for new cells, select the appropriate number of cells in the adjacent columns.

select destination cells for text to columns wizard

Step 6: Select the same button to get the wizard box back and click Finish button.

Data formate for new columns in text to columns wizard Excel

Step 7: That’s all.

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