You have landed at the right place if you are looking for a solution on how to turn on caps lock key on Chromebook, or if it is already on, then how to turn off the caps lock.

There is no bias towards ideas and concepts created by Google. They do everything with a reason behind it but as a traditional computer user, you might encounter an issue that Chromebooks don’t have any key specifically dedicated for caps lock as done in all traditional keyboards.

The solution to this problem is very simple and easy but it just matter of practice that you set up your mind to follow the path and get used to it. There are 2 ways that you can use to solve the issue and they both are explained in this article. You can choose one of them that suits your style and comfort.

Method 1: To enable or disable Chromebook Caps Lock

A key combination to enable and disable caps lock feature:

  1. Press Alt + Search key to enable Caps lock caps lock chromebookSo from now whatever you type would be in all Caps style or UPPER CASE
  2. If you want something to be typed in small letters or LOWER CASE temporarily, then use the Shift key – exactly in the way we use it to type in traditional keyboards
  3. To turn off caps lock on Chromebook press Alt + Search again and it would stop the capitalizationcaps lock on chromebook

Pro Tip: To check whether your Caps lock is either enabled or disabled, click on your Photo on bottom right corner of the screen and the pop-up box would mention the status of the Caps lock as shown in the below picture.

turn caps lock on Chromebook

Method 2: Change Settings For Caps Lock in Chromebook

If you think that pressing two keys doesn’t suit your style then you can also dedicate a single key to enable or disable capitalisation. The way to set up a key for caps lock in Chromebook explained below.

    1. Click on the Time  on the task bar (at the bottom right corner of the screen).Chromebook Settings for Caps Lock
    2. Click on the  Settings icon (gear icon in the top right corner) in the pop-up box.
    3. Seek for option that says Keyboard  and you will see all the available keys which can be played with to function as different keys. (Maybe you can trick your friends sometimes ;P)how to caps lock in chromebook
    4. Since we are all used to having the Caps lock key positioned in the place of Chromebook’s Search key, we will override it’s function to behave a a Caps lock key. So, from the drop-down menu across the Search label – select Caps Lock as shown below. This would make the Search Key behave as the Caps Lock Key henceforth. capslock chromebook

Feel free to share your preference in the comment section below from either using Alt + Search key combination or a specific key for Caps lock in your Chromebook, which could be helpful for those who aren’t sure about which one to pick.

Just remember these two keys if you are using some one else’s Chromebook or don’t want to mess with the settings to turn on the caps lock key in Chromebook:

caps lock on chromebook

If you find any query or question regarding this article then please share them in the comment section as well so we can improve the content and help you to resolve the issue.

Thank you & Stay Techie…