With Android L, you can undoubtedly record high quality video of your smartphone or tablet’s screen without needing to root it. Android Kitkat excessively permitted screen recording yet with Lollipop, the methodology has gotten to be very nearly as simple as recording screencasts on your desktop – you launch an application, hit the record and everything that is on your screen, including touches, will be caught as a MPEG-4 video.


A speedy hunt on the Google Play store gives back Android applications that help screen recording for Android v5 or later.

A few applications are free while others are paid yet they basically offer a comparable set of gimmicks. You can record the screen also the on-screen touches so the viewer has a superior thought regarding how you are collaborating with the applications. They can record the outside amplifier sound yet none of the applications I attempted permitted recording of inward framework sound. Perhaps that is a limit of the Android platform.

The most famous alternative is Mirror that won’t just record your Android screen however it can likewise reflect your smartphone on to your desktop utilizing AllCast Receiver, a free application for Chrome. There are no entangled settings to browse, the recording is smooth yet the enormous drawback is that the application includes a genuinely huge watermark and you don’t have choice to impair it.

Shou.TV is an alternate application than can record furthermore live cast your smartphone screen to the desktop without the watermark. It is the main application that can spare the video in different arrangements including MKV, AVI and MOV. There’s however a positive lag when throwing the screen on the desktop that makes it less usable.

iLos and the screen recorders from Rivulus and Misty let you record the Android screen in numerous resolution including 1280×720 and 1920×1080 pixels at 30 frames every second. The recorded screencast can show touches, there are no advertisements and you can record videos of any length. These applications do however include their watermarks in the warning window while the recording is in advancement.

An alternate application in the classification is SCR that offers a special feature– it can include the picture-in-picture impact to your screencasts. That implies it can utilize the front cam of your telephone and overlay a live feature of yourself on the screencast. The application is freemium and you have to move up to evacuate the watermark or to build your screencast length which is restricted to 3 minutes.

To conclude, as you may have perceived, the majority of the screen capture programs for Android are fundamentally the same and hard to pick an outright champ. Still, I were to pick one, my vote would go to the Unlimited Recorder for making screencast films and Mirror for reflecting the Android screen on to the desktop.