Vim, or Vi Improved, is an amazingly capable text editor that gives you a chance to do practically everything using keyboard shortcuts. You can replace content in a document, move or erase lines, automate edits and more while never reaching for the mouse. Vim has been the most loved source code editor for developers yet there’s no motivation behind why you can’t use the editor for your general content editing tasks from documentation to creating long mails.

If you have constantly used a graphical text editor like Notepad or TextEdit, you are likely to discover Vim confusing, however, spend some time with the editor and it will be troublesome for you to retreat. Full books have been written on Vim but just learn the basic commands, practice day by day and you’ll end up more effective and profitable.

learn vim online free

Here is a list of online tutorials and other supportive resources to help you learn Vim.

1. OpenVim – An interactive tutorial for learning the fundamentals of Vim. Switch to the tutorial page to test your current Vim abilities.

2. Vim Adventures – An online puzzle game for learning and remembering Vim commands. You are a blinking cursor and you’ve to explore the maze with your keyboard. If you are trapped, you can simply sort :help for a hint.

3. Vim Genius – This a cheat sheet style game to help you learn the nuts and bolts of Vim. There are dedicated lessons for learning the movement keys (h,j,k,l) and for mastering copy-paste in vim.

4. Learn Love Vim – The Linux Voice magazine has assembled a video to get you started with Vim.

5. Vim Basics – Derek Wyatt has delivered a group of video tutorials (screencasts) around educating Vim. An incredible resource for novice clients who would lean toward learning Vim by viewing than reading.

6. Learning Vim – Mike Coutermarsh spreads getting up and running, and in the long run profitable with Vim. The PDF of the discussion is accessible on Speakerdeck.

7. Vim – Precision Editing – Drew Neil of walks you through Vim and how the text editor is enhanced for mouseless operations. Must watch if need convincing why you have to know Vim.

8. Practical Vim – The main book you’d a requirement for mastering Vim.

9. Vim Tutorial – The official Vim documentation includes a tutorial that you can access from the Vim program through the :vimtutor command.

10. Vim Cheat Sheet – Print this because you’ll require it later.

11. A Byte of Vim – A free PDF digital book to help you to learn the Vim editor.

12. Vim 101 – A collection of bite-sized text tutorials that cover the different parts of editing with Vim. You should also watch the video below for a visual walk-through.

If you invest a considerable time writing content, learning Vim will be completely justified regardless of the exertion.