At times your PC/laptop may contain stuff which you are not supposed to carry/use/watch etc. but you just can’t help yourself. Also, it may become difficult for you to keep it as a secret personal data if you share your device with your friends or siblings.

hide files in image

Everyone knows how to unhide the hidden folders. So here’s a trick to hide your folders in/behind an image. No one would ever think in the weirdest of the imagination about files hidden behind images.

Step 1. Put all the files in one folder and create a zip file of that folder. Here I am using tm.rar which contains all my secret files.

Step 2. Put the image and the RAR file at one place (in the same folder).

Step 3. Open command prompt either by Start > Run > CMD or Windows key + x + a.

Open CMD

Step 4. In Command Prompt, navigate to the folder where your two files are saved. Here I navigate to E:/TechMuzz folder.

Step 5. Type the code given below in CMD window.

copy /b robo.png + tm.rar target.jpg

You can also use image files having .jpg extension in place of robo.png That’s all.

Now In order to view/extract your file, right click on the image and select Open with  > WinRAR.

But if anybody doesn’t know that you have saved secret files in that image they will double click on that image and will find a simple image.

Wow!! This is really a great trick, right?

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