This article is exclusively meant for those of us who want their desktops to look unique and different compared to the ordinary ones. We at times make different trolls and try to trick and surprise our friends.

center align taskbar icons

Here’s a new trick to center align the pinned programs of your Taskbar. Let’s see how to do it. You can watch the video too if you don’t want to read :

Step 1. Right-click on Taskbar and in the menu that opens up, navigate Toolbars > New toolbar.

Step 2. Create one new folder.

Step 3. Now, this folder should be without a name. (To make a folder without name hold the Alt key and type 0160 i.e Alt + 0160). Now select this folder and press Select Folder button as shown below.

Step 4. Now we need to Unlock the Taskbar. So Right Click on the Taskbar and deselect “Lock the taskbar” option.

Step 5. Drag the red colored toolbar to the left most corner and green colored toolbar in the center

Step 6. Place it in such a way that it looks like it is aligned at the center (you can place it anywhere you want).

Step 7. Lock your taskbar again so that the toolbar symbol will disappear.

Now all your pinned programs are center aligned. Show your new taskbar to your friends and ask them if they can do this.

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Enjoy and stay Techie. 😉