TweetMyMac is a great tool to control your Mac remotely. This app also has one cousin – TweetMyPC. It works to control windows computer. If you are not nearby to your Mac and want to know what is happening around your Mac then this is the best tool to behold.

tweetmymac remote control your mac

If sometimes you forgot your Mac at your home or office, but you want to know about it, what is happening around it, which application are running or what is the IP of your Mac right now, then you can use this amazing app called as TweetMyMac.

It is a very simple and clean app to use. It takes your command in the form of the tweet or direct message. So if you want to know anything about your Mac, then you have to either send a direct message or tweet to your twitter account, the app checks your twitter account at fixed time intervals and if it finds any command text then it performs that action.


If you want to use this app, then follow the steps listed below. It will take only two steps to get started.

Step 1: Install TweetMyMac and set up your app by attaching it to your twitter account.

Step 2: That’s all. Start sending commands from anywhere, your Mac will hear you anyway.

Damn Cool !!! Right? The list of the commands is listed below.

Command Purpose
shutdown Shutdown your Mac. (Without Saving any open file.)
restart Restart your Mac. (Without Saving any open file.)
logout Logout of your Mac. (Without Saving any open file.)
sleep Sleep your Mac.
ip Your Mac will reply with it’s current IP.
isight Your Mac will capture one snap from iSight camera and upload it to your twitter account.
screenshot Your Mac will grab one screenshot of your Mac and upload it to your twitter account.
say [phrase] Your Mac will speak the phrase.
torrent [torrent URL] Mac will start downloading the torrent file with your default torrent client.
screensaver The screensaver will be activated on your Mac.
open [App] Opens the application. You have to enter app’s full name, eg. “open Safari”.
quit [App] Quits the application. You have to enter apps’s full name, eg. “quit Safari”.  (Without Saving any open file.)
mute Mutes your Mac’s volume.
unmute Un-mutes your Mac’s volume.
lock Lock your Mac, switching to the login screen (without logging out)
battery (For laptops) Your Mac will reply with it’s current battery percentage, and whether it’s running on AC or battery power.
empty trash This will empty the trash on your user account.
ping This will cause your Mac to respond with a short message to confirm it’s responding.
tweet [text] This will make your Mac’s account tweet the provided text.
[URL] Your Mac will open any URL, it is sent.
%[command] Your Mac will execute the custom shell command. Note: this is disabled by default for security and must be enabled in the options to use.

But the most important thing to take care is that do not associate your current Twitter account with this app because by this way your friends can also control your Mac. So make a different account and add only those friends whom you trust and want to let them control your Mac.

If you find any problem while performing the trick given above then feel free to ask in the comment section. We will be glad to help you.

Enjoy & Stay Techie…

Reference: themacbox