Since the Google Drive is now secured with 2 layers of security – password and 2-variable verification – it ought to be OK if we remove password from PDF documents before transferring them to Drive.


Is there any product program accessible that can remove password from PDF documents? One that doesn’t cost a dime and works on both Mac and Windows? Well the answer is yes. It’s called Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has an implicit PDF reader* and a PDF writer and we can join the two peculiarities to expel the password from any PDF archive. Let’s see how:

Step 1: Drag any password secured PDF record into your Google Chrome program.

Step 2: Google Chrome will immediately ask you to enter the password of the document. So enter it and open the document.

Step 3: Now go to the File menu in Google Chrome and pick Print (or press Ctrl+P on Windows or Cmd+P on Mac). Pick the destination printer as “Save as PDF” and click the Save button.

Step 4: That’s all.

Google Chrome will now save the PDF to your desktop, however without the secret key security. On the off chance that you re-open this PDF in Chrome, it would no more oblige a password to open.

On the other hand, if you have empowered Google Cloud Print, you can pick the destination as “Save to Google Drive” in the print dialog and the unprotected form of the PDF will be sent straight to your Google Drive from Chrome.