A very important thing to keep in mind before doing any steps mentioned below is that only the administrator(owner) who has rights to edit the settings of the YouTube channel will be able to add or remove users, so pleaseĀ be sure that you have access and you are signed to into correct account.

Add An Avatar Beside Site Title In Genesis

Account owners can choose the role of the new or existing membersĀ in the YouTube Channel settings like owners, managers, communications managers, etc. Only Communications managers will not have access to YouTube channel settings. If you add another owner to the channel then the user will be able to take any owner level action on behalf of you.

If you are not sure about the role permissions then we would suggest you go through the official page about the roles and their respective permissions.

So, lets cut to the chase, if you are the owner of the YouTube channel and want to add a user then just follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Sign into the YouTube account
  2. Click the account icon at the top right of the screen and choose Switch Account from the menu.
  3. Choose the YouTube channel that you want to edit.
  4. Go to the Setting page of the selected channel.
  5. Click Add or remove managers.
  6. Click Manage Permissions button.
  7. Either Update the already existed member or select Invite member button at the top right as shown in the image below.
  8. Add Contact information and select role from the drop-down menu, hit the Invite button at the bottom right corner
  9. That’s it

Once the invited manager will accept the invitation he or she will be able to access the YouTube channel dashboard and respective settings.

Please let us know if you something went wrong or you can’t able to find the options mentioned in this article. We will be glad to help you. Thank you & Stay Techie…