League of Legends is a competitive online game where everyone has to make a big contribution to help their squad come out on top. Each player has to contribute in each game is what helps the League of Legends and other MOBA games stand out from the audience. Additionally, one poor player or AFK player may trigger you to lose a match in LoL. Everyone still intends to be the greatest and that’s why after each match you are given a rating. Let’s see how it operates!

get s rank in league of legends

After each game, you will earn a grade comparable to your results at college, varying from D- to S+. There are many different factors that can affect the grade you receive as Riot probably won’t publish complete information about their ranking system to avoid competitors from pushing their rating. Your achievement relies on your hero selection, the part you perform with it. After that your general achievement is contrasted to the results of other individuals in your area with a comparable champion selection and position.

League of Legends S rank guide

You must have heard of League of Legends S rank calculators that allow you to calculate what it takes for you to get S rank after each or all game rounds. But it’s also important to know that your performance doesn’t depend exclusively on your kill-to-death percentage or even the amount of CS points you’ve attempted to gain, but it’s a rather complicated algorithm that requires into consideration everything you’ve done during the game. For example, players who choose support heroes don’t need to have a bunch of killings at all, but they need to do their part well according to their champion.

How To Get S+ Rank in League of Legends Every Single Time?

LOL s rank

There are still several distinct variables that you need to maintain an eye on if you want to obtain S+ rank and you will realize that they are not based exclusively on your K/D (Kill/Death). League of Legends score system is not as simple to decode as it seems at first glance like other games. Targets to get S+ rank in each every League of Legends game:

  1. CS:  Get 100+ CS in every single game It is very much important to get about 100CS – 200CS so always remember that and if it possible then make a habit to farm it in each game.
  2. K/D (Kill/Death) Ratio: Keep your kill count more than your deaths
    So, if you get kills count is equal to your deaths count then it kills count doesn’t matter at all, you will NEVER get S+ rank. But let’s say that if you only get less kills like 12 – 15 but with 0 deaths and good CS then you will probably get S rank in that LOL game.
  3. Support Assists: Assists = Kills For a Support champion
    This is one of the new updates from Riot that your assists will be considered as your direct kills if you are a support champion for the lol game. An important thing for these scenarios is that CS also doesn’t count when you are a support champion.
  4. Objectives: Gives higher chances to get S rank
    If you get objectives to complete in the game that means you have higher chances of getting S rank for that game. If you are new to the game then try to use drake (dragon), turrets and baron.
  5. Warding: Use 30+ wards for S rank
    Warding is a very crucial thing if you are a support champion in the game. You can consider wards as like as CS so feel free to use wards every time they are not on cooldown to increase your chances to get S rank.
  6. Damage Dealt: More damage dealt more chances of getting S rank
    Only killing others in the game can give you a good K/D ratio but that won’t help you to get S rank. So try to deal damage as much as possible in the game. You can find the stats that show you which player dealt with how much damage after each every game in the match details. Or you can find in your match history that you can access in your player profile.

Know Other Players’ Perspective

Find a good amount of other players opinions on this link. They have shared their experience that could be helpful for you if you are using the same champion. One of the players mentioned that:

I discovered this when I played with my friend who was new to the game. He played Garen support and had score of 4 6 6. Guess what he got ? An S+. Only thing that really matters at getting S is the average score of people playing same champion in same position. Most people with Garen support are trolls and probably have 0 15 0 score, hence with any decent score you get free S+. If I need box or token fast I just did stuff like Viktor jungle, Amumu mid, ap Alistar mid, Sion mid and other dumb stuff, had decent score at best, always got the free S… Just try it out, but not in ranked ofc.

After that, somebody tried and actually got S- rank with a K/D (11/11) ratio and a good amount of assists using Soraka. Have a look at the gameplay below.

In a nutshell, you would have to live the character you choose in the game, complete all tasks relevant to that player and help your team as much as you can do and always keep watching other players who are getting better rank using the same character that you like. This way you will be able to achieve a S rank in League of Legends after each game even though you might not have the best kill/death ratio in your squad.

Please share your tricks or opinions on how to get S rank in LOL that we might have missed in the comment section below. We will love to hear from you.