Rocket League is a fun game to play but you can Improve FPS and Response time in the game even further, which will eventually help you to beat your competitors while giving the best fun experience with these easy but optimal settings in a matter of seconds. After applying such settings you will experience the game even more.


Pro players always optimize the given settings of all games to get the best of each game and win each and every game they play. This tutorial will help you to optimize the game settings so you can feel the difference and know who Pro players actually win every time. Watch this Youtube video that explains all important Rocket League settings.

Rocket League Optimal Settings

Graphics/Video Settings

Video settings is must place to check before everything because all games main feature is their graphics, Video settings can help you to get higher FPS if you tune the settings similar to Pro players. Most of the time gamers don’t know if they need all the textures and extra details for each type of game or not. So if you could think you are wasting your computing power over details that you don’t care then you should definitely lower your video settings. This will increase FPS and you will eventually get better response time which is very important for games like Rocket League.

Please follow these tips to optimize Video settings in Rocket League:

  1. Resolution: This is totally up to the size of your monitors but you can set the resolution like 1920×1080 even though your monitor can handle bigger resolution to get good quality graphics but still getting better FPS.
  2. Vertical Sync: You should definitely disable this feature because it lowers FPS for sure.
  3. Anti Alias: Similar to Vertical Sync it also reduces FPS because, so you should disable this as well.
  4. Window Mode: If you are planning to just play the game without switching to other application while playing then you should set it to FullScreen or else set it to Windowed or borderless.
  5. Render quality: You can set this setting as High so you get better graphics which will get affected because we will be lowering other settings options.
  6. Render detail: Totally up to you.
  7. Max FPS: Set this to 250.
  8. World detail: Set this one as Performance , it will help you to increase FPS.
  9. Texture detail: Setting this High Performance will increase your FPS.
  10. High-Quality shaders: Set it to On
  11. Depth of field: Set it to Off, because it is not necessary for better quality
  12. Ambient occlusion/Bloom/Lens flares/Light shafts: Off, because it is unnecessary.
  13. Dynamic shadow/Motion blur/Weather effects: Off

Controller settings (For PS4)

The second most important type of settings for Rocket league is Controller settings because it will impact game performance and gives you options to optimize the game reactions. This also helps you to make game mechanics easier and in your favor against your competitors.

Our preferred PS4 controller settings for the Rocket League game are:

  1. Powerslide: LT and LB
  2. Boost: Circle and B
  3. Air roll: LT and LB
  4. Air roll right: Square and X
  5. Jump: X and A
  6. Ball cam: Triangle and Y
  7. Brake: L2 and Y
  8. Throttle: R2 and RT

Camera settings

Apply these settings to get the best camera mechanism in the Rocket League game:

  1. FOV: 110
  2. Angle: 3
  3. Height: 110
  4. Distance: 270
  5. Swivel speed: 4.7
  6. Stiffness: 0.45
  7. Trans speed: 1.00
  8. Ball camera: toggle

Sensitivity & DeadZone settings

Set these settings in the sensitivity section.

  1. Push to talk: Yes
  2. Dodge deadzone: 0.6
  3. Controller vibration: No
  4. Controller deadzone: 0.05
  5. Arial sensitivity: 1.25
  6. Steering sensitivity: 1.25

We can bet that you must have noticed that YouTubers or game streamers always enable the FPS counter on their screen to keep an eye on their current FPS count to make sure that they are getting the best output from their graphics card. If you want to enable the FPS counter as well then you could use different software. We recommend Nvidia’s Geforce Experience if you have Nvidia GPU or else Rivatuner is a good option to consider as well.

You can increase the game performance in two ways, one is in-game settings and the other is upgrading your computer hardware components. However, upgrading your computer parts for just a game is not the best thing you would prefer but we would suggest using similar computer parts to get the best experience in the Rocket League game.

Rocket League Recommended Requirements

  1. OS: Windows 7 or Newer
  2. CPU SPEED: 2.5+ GHz Quad-core
  3. RAM: 4 GB
  4. VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 660 or better, ATI 7950 or better
  7. PIXEL SHADER: 5.0

Overclocking your current computer parts is also an alternative to buy new parts for just a single game. Overclocking can increase component’s clock speed which will give better performance by the component which will eventually help in the game mechanics executions. Please be aware that not all parts are safe to overclock so please read the component’s user manual and be extra cautious about the consensus.

Disclaimer: We’re not responsible for any damage done while overclocking.

Please let us know if this article was helpful to you. Also, share your experience or questions in the comment section below once you apply the above settings in Rocket League game.