We use Twitter for different purposes. Some of you might use it to interact with your friends, get the latest news or to brand your business, etc. Do you remember about your first tweet? Wait, wait, wait, don’t go to profile and start scrolling your profile to see what was your first tweet actually.

You have a better way to find your first tweet without even log in to your Twitter account. Twitter has one special page for this purpose only. First Tweet, a page developed by Twitter by which you can find your first tweet easily and tweet it again. It is pretty damn easy to find your first tweet on Twitter using this page. Follow the steps below to find your first tweet.

Step 1: Go to the First Tweet webpage.

find your first tweet page

Step 2: Enter the username in the input box to find out first tweet made by the username.

first tweet by techmuzz

Step 3: Hit Enter. The first tweet done by the username will be displayed on the page in just few seconds.

Do you know which tweet was posted first on Twitter and who did it? No, the answer to these questions is here. The user who tweeted first on Twitter was @jack. If you want to find out about his tweet then enter “jack” as the username in the #FirstTweet page without quotes.

So now you can find your first tweet easily. Share your first tweet with us in the comment section.

If you find any problem while finding your first tweet using the tool then feel free to ask in the comment section. We will be glad to help you.

Enjoy and Stay Techie…