Everyone wants to be popular on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. A most important measure of popularity on such websites is hits or likes on your posts. Ultimately the race starts to be more popular on these types of websites. On the other side, everyone is finding ways to increase Facebook likes easily without any hard work.

Here, in this post, you will find basic but the most important criteria to consider while posting on Facebook or to increase Facebook likes. If you follow this article and make such posts then there will be no chance to fail to get likes for your Facebook photos or videos. Don’t use only one criteria for one post, you have to take care of all of them for a single post.

Unique photo: If you upload something unique and different from others then you will definitely get a high impression and more likes. Because nowadays everyone simply posts whatever they find amazing. They don’t even try to be unique in any sense. And hence, all social media websites are becoming a junk yard of duplicate content. The uniqueness of the content is the main measure to increase your Facebook likes.


So please make yourself different from others and share new and unique contents. In this way, you can make more fans because they will find something new in your posts.

Funny Photos: We all know that everyone uses websites like Facebook to get entertained. If you try to analyze some posts on Facebook then you will find that the post having something funny get more likes than others. So make funny quotes or images or videos and upload them. You will get more hits in this way.

funny minions

Latest trends: Social media is a platform for everyone to know about the latest trends, Right? It is a bit difficult to find the latest trends because only duplicate and common content are shared by everyone. But if you find out any latest trend then share it on Facebook which will help you to increase Facebook likes.

Fake likes: Yes, this is also one way to increase Facebook likes. It is a common belief of people, if so many people like this thing then it is ought to be good, so Like it. So if you increase your Facebook likes by using websites which give you fake likes then there are chances of getting more authentic likes.

But, don’t forget about the security flaw of this kind of websites or apps. Because if you use such apps or websites which ask your permission to fetch your data or post something on your wall then they could misuse this permission. So, be aware of this problem. I still advise you to not use them.

Tag Friends: If you want to share your post with your friends easily then tag them in your post. In this way Facebook will notify them about your post and your post will spread among your friends like fire in the forest. This is a very useful and important trick because social media is nothing but connections. Your friends are the main source of getting likes for your Facebook post.

Use HashTag: This has become one of the most significant features for social media websites. Using different HashTag you can cover the majority of the audience on social media sites. Because if you use HashTag like #iPhone in your post then your post will be displayed to everyone who will try to find something about #iPhone. So HashTag will also work like fire in the forest.

Let us know about your improvement after using the above measures for your Facebook posts to increase Facebook likes.

If you find any problem regarding this post then feel free to ask in the comment section. We will be glad to help you.

Enjoy & Stay Techie…