Sorry folks! It was fun when this tricked worked – but now it seems like FaceBook saw our trick and has disabled the Blank Comment thing. This article doesn’t work any more.

We all are desperate to see how many likes or comments we get on any Facebook status or post we share. But have you ever thought of leaving a blank comment? It’s a very simple trick which will amaze almost everyone.

All you have to do is to remember one number which is 0173. That’s it.

Whenever you want to make blank comment click the input box / comment bov and enter Alt + 0173 and Hit Enter Key.

Your blank comment is submitted to Facebook… Cool Right ?!?!

If you still have some doubts, the images given below would help you:

Step 1: Click input box / comment box.

input box in facebook

Step 2: Type Alt + 0173. Hit Enter Key.

Alt 0173

Step 3: That’s it. You will find blank comment. 🙂

blank comment in facebook

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Enjoy and Stay Techie 😉