Hey, because you are reading this tutorial means that you have a lot of friends request pending on Facebook and you are thinking of accepting all of them. Right???

Accepting 5-10 requests is fine but what do you do when you have 99+ friend requests pending and you don’t want to manually accept all of them by clicking one at a time.

Well here’s a perfect guide to Accept all the Friend Requests in one go. Let’s see how!!

Step 1: In the Address Bar, copy this URL: https://www.facebook.com/reqs.php

step 1

This page will show you all the pending request like friendship request, group request, etc. (You may be prompted to log in if you  aren’t logged into your Facebook Account)

Step 2:

As the Page opens you will see all Friends requests listed there. As you scroll down you will see “Show More” link.

Click on it till all your pending requests are open in the same page. This is required in order to execute the script in one go. If you do not do this you will have to refresh the page till all the request are accepted.

Step 3: 

Now since all the requests are open, let’s move further. Open “Inspect Element”  (Right click on the page and from the menu select Inspect Element option). You will see one box full of codes appears at the bottom of the page as shown below.

step 3

Step 4:  In the box’s header you will see different tabs like Elements, Network, Sources, etc. You need to locate the Console tab from the list and Click on it.

Step 5: An empty box will open where you will have to paste the script given below. (If this is for the first time that you are opening the console, Facebook may warn you to stop; but its perfectly fine; you can proceed with the code.)


javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”).length;i++){document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”)[i].click();}void(0);  alert(“Total Requests Accepted are:”+i);

Press Enter after you paste the code.

step 4

Note: Your browser may get stuck or show – Not Responding till all your friend requests are accepted. Don’t panic. Just relax for some time, after all, you will be having many new friends soon. When all the requests have been accepted, an Alert Box will pop up showing “Total Requests Accepted are: ” and the number of accepted request.

Step 6: Click OK. That’s all, we are done.

Do you have a better way to accept all the friend requests in one go?? Then please let us know.

Feel free to ask a question if you face any problem in the tutorial.