Our favorite Facebook provides many functionalists like playing games, scheduling events, promoting our business and also in chatting with our friends. Its fun to chat while surfing on social media, but at times you might want to delete the messages in case you are doing things you shouldn’t be doing or you just thought of cleaning up your Facebook profile.

If you are thinking of cleaning them up then there might me loads of messages. So instead of deleting them one by one here’s how to delete them all in one go.

Step 1. You will need to install Facebook – Delete All Messages plugin (Just click on this link). Now Click  +Free button on the top right corner. This will install the plugin to your Chrome.

install facebook message deleter

Step 2. Now you need to Login to your Facebook account and if you are already logged in just go to Facebook Messages Page. (this link will take you there).

Step 3. Now Click on the page action displayed in the address bar next to the “star” at the end. Now click Either on Launch or Compatibility Mode option.

Step 4.  Once the plugin is launched, just keep on scrolling down in left sidebar where all conversations are listed so all the older conversations will be loaded till upper conversations get deleted.

Step 5. Once done, click on the exit button on the right corner of the blue bar.

Just 5 simple steps and you just got rid of all the unnecessary messages.

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