As the year fades, more and more gadgets and gizmos keep on coming in the market. So, now it’s time, to give you the result for which everyone’s eagerly waiting. Today we have one of the most awaited countdowns of the year coming closer and hence, we give you the countdown of the Top 10 most searched smartphones of the year.

The most awaited moment starts just now with the smartphone at the 10th position.

10. iPhone 5S

It’s the iPhone which had released in late 2013 but still secured to make its place in the best smartphones of 2014.

It’s really an eye-candy as Apple never compromises with its models. At times it was the first choice of the iPhone lovers. Also, it has some of the key features similar to that of the latest iPhones in the market (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+) except the major distinguishing factor right now, that’s the display size.

9. Moto X

Ever since Motorola has launched its devices with the tag name of the “MOTO”, it has always worked wonders and so did the Moto X.

8. Samsung Galaxy Grand

The Galaxy series has always been in a highlight and the Galaxy Grand with its 8 brothers still manages to stay in the limelight.

Samsung Galaxy Grand

7. Xiaomi Mi 3

The Chinese growing tech giant Xiaomi has already shaken the smartphones market by some of its fabulous smartphones. The Xiaomi Mi 3 did the same with mind-boggling features which can be said to be the best smartphone for its price range among its counterparts.

6. Nokia XL

When Nokia was breathing its last breath after the acquisition from Microsoft, it launched its X series and came out with the first-rate android, which did not prove to be a great experiment as Nokia had modified the core Android robbing it from its main essence of Play Store. Otherwise, it would have been one of the best ones in the market as its model resembled that of the Lumias a bit.

5. Nokia X

As mentioned above, the X series did not stand to its expectations but secured a little space in people pockets which brings it at the 5th position on this list. Most of the drawbacks are similar in the X family.

4. Moto E

Motorola made great revival to the market with it’s tag name “MOTO”. The launch of Moto E just wobbled the market. The only drawback seen in it by the critics was the absence of flash with its 5MP rear camera. This drawback was noticed by it’s competitors and they launched devices with somehow similar features along with the flash in the same price range.

moto e

3. Samsung Galaxy S5

The South Korean multinational Tech Giant had launched it’s the latest phone in it’s S series in February this year. At the end of the year, it can be said the best mobile of the year- Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a bit more superior version of it. As the best phone is similar to it there’s no doubt about its quality and about its position in this list.

samsung galaxy s5

2. iPhone 6

The most anticipated release of 2014 was this. As usual, people were both mad and delighted while awaiting its launch. Most of the premium features were the same as before but the upgrading feature was bigger and better screen size.

1. Moto G

Moto G – The People’s Smartphone obviously tops the list of most searched tech device of 2014 in India. The phone served all the basic and important features needed in a smartphone and more importantly, it is the phone everyone could afford. Now we also have it’s the elder brother, the Moto G 2nd gen. in the market which displayed exceptional results.

moto g

Do you think we missed out any smartphone which oughts to be in the list?

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Note: The list of the top 10 most searched tech devices has been taken from Google Trend’s Insight