If you are into coding stuff and pose yourself as a web developer, I bet you must have visited JSFiddle for any sample code execution or find any working demo on it. JSFiddle is the best platform to learn and at the same time execute the codes to see the demo outputs.


Any code we are looking for is generally divided into different sections depending on the functionalities required like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some advance codes may also include jQuery files as well. So at times, it becomes a hectic process to take code snippets from here and there.

Want to get the whole code in one go?? Here’s the Trick 😉

Step 1: Open the JsFiddle page/code you want to access.

Step 2: Now add “/show/” at the end of the page’s URL. And hit ENTER.

Step 3: You will find the output of the code.

Step 4: So now we need to find the source code of this page and using one of our favorite old methods, just Right Click on the page and select “View Frame Source” from the menu.

Get The Raw Source Code From JSFiddle

Step 5: That’s it… The whole code shows up in front of you revealing all styling and scripting in one view.

how to find jsfiddle code

I know what you are gonna do next, Ctrl +A, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V 😉 Am I Right?

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Enjoy and Stay Techie ;).