The field of computer science is gaining more and more interest of the people from all around the world and is rumored to become the most populated and the most profitable field in the world but it is RUMORED. This rumor has the capacity to become true, because it(computer science) is a field to which people get easily interested and get attracted towards it.


So, if you’re one of those interested masses and in your teens, this article may help you become A YOUNG CODER. Don’t get tensed if you are not in your teens, this article is totally impartial and will surely help you too.

Get Inspired

It is said that a life without any inspiration is a life without breath. Your inspiration might be a person who is sitting on the tip of success or it may be an ordinary man who is well focused to accomplish his aim. The importance of inspiration in one’s life is immense. It may help you to get to the aim of your life or show you the path to prosperity or may also give you the strength to fight with the adversaries and reach the top. So, it may help you in one way or another, just the thing is that you need to imagine your path to success. Make your role models accordingly, for example. Mark Zukerberg – The owner of Facebook and also the youngest Billionaire.

Be Satisfied With What You Have

Everyone is not born with a golden spoon in their mouth but some strive to bring it in some part of their life. It’s not every successful man is born with all resources he needs. In fact most of them(successful) are born in a family with very less resources. If you’re having a shortage of resources, then there’s nothing to mourn, at this stage you need to see and follow how your inspiration(role model) has passed through all these stages.

Coming to the coding part, the core reason why coders survive in this world is their ability and will to find solution to all problems. Coders believe that if anything can done manually then, that can also be done by the machines (the new technology – Artificial Intelligence) and thus they make the impossible happen.

Never Look Back

Youth these days is loaded with more tasks than the elders, so sometimes they quit many things due to lack of time or other priorities. At this moment you need some grams of encouragement which can give you tonnes of strength. And this encouragement can again be gained from surroundings, but never forget the main source of inspiration- Your Role Model.

Coders have one quality different from simple men, i.e. the skill of problem solving. The only interest in coding by overlooking the code to be cool doesn’t make you a coder. Once you’ve started chasing your dream of coding, practice with full throttle. As it isn’t too easy nor too hard but, anything could be hard if you don’t work hard.

And last but not the least – “Arise, Awake and Stop NOT, till the Goal is Achieved” – Swami Vivekanand.