Letting your users to navigate to previous/next articles will help in improving your bounce rate as the user will be tempted to read the previous or next article if the links are available.


There are many plugins available which would help you do this, but why load your website with plugins when you can achieve the same with few lines of code.

Here’s a function you would need to place in the end of the funtions.php file (just before the ‘?>’)

Note that, the general position of these previous/next links is just after the article ends, hence we have placed it in genesis_entry_footer, but you can indeed place these links anywhere you want by identifying the appropriate hook names.

All you need to do is change the ‘genesis_entry_footer’ in the last line of code to some other hook like ‘genesis_entry_content’. Here is the link to Genesis Visual Hook Guide.

Also the inline styling we have put in the code is just for giving you idea on how to do it. We know you would design the links in more better way.

In case you face any problem in implementing this please let us know.