You might have come across some website which have embedded Flipboard Magazines on their webpages. It is very easy to embed it. It looks very cool and helps users to see the archives of your website easily.

embed flipboard magazine

You can embed Flipboard magazine on your website within seconds, but there are two facts which you have to consider before you start embedding Flipboard magazines.

  • Flipboard layout is not optimized for mobile platforms so you can see it on desktops only.
  • Flipboard widget is very heavy, so it should be added asynchronously, so it doesn’t affect the speed of your webpage.

So let’s embed Flipboard magazine on your webpage.

Step 1: Insert below <div> tag where you want to display the Flipboard Magazine.

<div id=flipboard></div>

Step 2: Add below code before ending of </body> tag. Do not forget to change the Flipboard Magazine URL in the code below.

Step 3: That’s all.

Now when you open your webpage, then you will see the Flipboard Magazine where you inserted the <div> tag. Looks cool, Isn’t it?

This script will calculate the width of the visitor’s browser and if it is greater than 800px then it will add DIV tag automatically.  If you use any CMS for your website then you have an advantage over other developers that you have to add the code only in one page and the CMS will embed Flipboard magazine on to every dynamic page.

If you find any problem, then feel free to ask in the comment section. We will be glad to help you.

Enjoy & Stay Techie…