Today, when people are connected to each other through social media, it is very important that your website has its own social presence. Being present on social platforms help your appreciators to locate and follow you and share your content with their friends more easily.


Now, how would they know is the name of your Facebook ID/Page or what is your Twitter handle?? For this we recommend you add social buttons to your website (it can be in the sidebar/header/footer anywhere).

You just need to paste the code given below at the place where you want to display the social buttons.

Of course, you need to link them to your respective social pages/IDs

You should change the social buttons to match your theme. Here is a list of 130+ Beautiful Social Media Icons.

As you can see, we have placed the social buttons in our sidebar. If everything goes well, you will see the same results.

Enjoy and stay Techie 😉