You could be staying in a nation like US, UK or India, however, will most likely be unable to watch each video on YouTube – that is because the owner of the video has permitted access to that video just for specific nations or geographic districts.

This video is not available in you country

If your machine’s IP location falls outside that geographic district, YouTube will show an error saying “This video is not available in your country” – this message has nothing to do with control, it’s the owner of the video who could be restricting access.

For example, a video from Warner Brothers or Sony Entertainment may not be accessible outside the US. Likewise, BBC videos on YouTube must be viewed from the UK.

You will learn how to watch blocked YouTube videos in your country without any software or tool by just replacing a few characters.

The most effective method to bypass YouTube Region Filtering?

YouTube utilizes your machine IP location to focus your physical area/ nation. So as to bypass these nation particular limitations on YouTube, attempt this:

Step 1: Open desired video.

Step 2: Replace “/watch?v=” with “/v/” in the URL of the video.



Step 3: Hit Enter.

Step 4: That’s all.

Yes, you have to replace “/watch?v=” characters with “/v/” to watch videos that blocked in your country. If you have any query regarding this trick, then feel free to ask in the comment section.